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Note: All the posts are based on practical approach avoiding lengthy theory. All have been tested on some development servers. Please don’t test any post on production servers until you are sure.

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Create ASM Instance(Manually) on Windows 
Using ASMCMD Utility
Access ASM Disk files through FTP and HTTP (Oracle Databse10g)
Configuring new disks for ASM
Migrating non-ASM database to ASM - 11gR2

Connection Manager
Using Connection Manager
Troubleshooting Guide for the CMAN in 10g
Databse/RAC  (10g)
Create database (10gR2) manually on Windows based on ASM instance
How to Install Oracle on MS Windows 7 / Windows 2008R2
Wait Event Enhancements in Oracle 10g
Moving table(s) to a different tablespace
Create Duplicate DB with RMAN - Single Instance
Using SPFile
One Concurrent User Per Schema
Using External Table
SQLNet Logging/Tracing
Deny Access to DB for Specific IPs 
Password protected listener 
Database Creation 10g Win - non ASM
Dropping a Database
Connecting DB with Connect Naming
Data Encryption 
View redo logs by logminer 
Applying Patch 42 (January 2011)
Upgrading from to (Win) 
RAC Speedup
VIP Concept 
Start Oracle Clusterware 10gR2 Services Manually in Windows 
Node 2 failed after applying OS Patches 
RAC Utilities 
Administring Clusterware (10gR2) 
Voting Disk and OCR Files Backup (Win 10gR2)
Monitoring Oracle 10g RAC with Quest Spotlight on RAC 
SRVCTL Utility (10gR2)
How to grant on v$ views
Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) & LogMiner 
Collect Full DML Statements for specific user without AUDIT 
Restricting user to change the password 
How To Audit Application Username Using Trigger 
How To Use PROFILES To Limit User Resources 
How to Audit Connect AS SYSDBA Using Oracle Server
User Level Security - Disable SQL*Plus and DDL Commands
SQL Plus Options
Streams 10gR2 - How to
One-Way SCHEMA Level Streams Replication
Remove the local Streams configuration 
Write alert to alert log 
Using Data Pump
Spell the numbers - Examples 
Calling External Procedure (DLL) from PL/SQL 
Finding FK for a Parent table  
Oracle Proxy User
Keep history of Oracle Source code in DB 
Oracle Golden Gate
Oracle GoldenGate Tutorial Part 1 - Concepts and Architecture 
Oracle GoldenGate Tutorial Part 2 - Installation (Windows 2003) 
Oracle GoldenGate Tutorial Part 3 - Manager process 
Oracle GoldenGate Tutorial Part 4 - Working with OGG 
Live Reporting with OGG 
Live Reporting with Data Pump -GG 
OGG Reference - Commands and Options 
SQL Server to SQL Server Replication using GG
DB Recovery/RMAN
About Netbackup 
Recovering by Oracle Flashback 
Reover DB - SQL Plus 
Restore With RMAN (Examples) 
RMAN Backup using Netbackup
Create Duplicate DB with RMAN - Single Instance 
Clear Flash Recovery Area 
Different Clauses to be used in RMAN script 
RMAN Backup Intro - Example (10gR2)  
RMAN Duplicate Database from RAC ASM to RAC ASM (11gR2)   
RMAN: Incomplete Recovery from TAPE to Single Instance
RMAN: Recover A Dropped Tablespace Using TSPITR
RMAN: Recovery of missing datafile that is never backed up 
RMAN: Taking Cold backup using RMAN and restore it
RMAN: Deleting obsolete rman backup information from controlfile
RMAN: Scheduling RMAN Batch job for backup
RMAN: Restoring RMAN backup to new server
RMAN: Creating duplicate database using rman backup 11gR2 (Single instnace)
RMAN: Checking RMAN backup progress
RMAN: Backup and Restore using AVAMAR
Restore RMAN RAC database backup to other RAC enviornment
RMAN: Incremental Backup
RMAN: Tape backups as Expired while files physically exis
DB Performance
Monitoring Index Usage 
Oracle database Performance Tuning 
Optimizing Joins
Investigating a Database Performance Issue 
How To Collect 10046 Trace (SQL_TRACE) Diagnostics for Performance Issues 
How to Enable SQL_TRACE for Another Session or in MTS Using Oradebug 
How To Connect Using A Sqlplus Preliminary Connection
How to Collect Diagnostics for Database Hanging Issues
Application Tuning using Explain 
How To Configure Anti-Virus On Windows Server Running Oracle Database 
How to check if the IO of the Database is Slow 
How to use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
Gather Statistics
Oracle Event Tracing 
Application Server
OAS - Install A Standalone Report Server On MS Windows 2000/2003
OAS - Deleting a Report Server 
An Error Occurred While Starting OPMN Integrated Standalone Reports Server 
FRM-41838 Unable to open temporary record buffer file 
Changing HTTP Server Port (Middle Tier) 
OAS- HTTP Server start failure
WUT-121 upon downloading file from AS
Notify Report success/failure by mail 
500 Internal Server Error
Direct printing to a default client printer in Oracle developer 10g 
Operating System
Map a FTP site to a Drive letter in Windows
Remote Desktop Disconnection Problem
Diskpart Command-Line Utility
How to get a list of installed operating system patches and fixes
How Check a specific port , is it being used
PING with Timestamp
Alt+Ctrl+Del on Remote Desktop
How to Find Out Which Windows Process is Using a File
Windows Sysinternals
Forbidden file and folder names on Windows 
How to Delete a Windows Service in Windows 
Desktop Heap Overview 
Copying Files Over Remote Desktop
DCD & TCP Keep Alive (Windows)