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Monday, November 29, 2010

FRM-41838 Unable to open temporary record buffer file

One of the our developer encountered the following error
FRM-41838 Unable to open temporary record buffer file  C:\DOCUMEN~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\1\s7e8.2
Oracle Forms tries to create a temporary file if a query is issued and the number of records returned exceeds the block property 'Records Buffered' value. When using OracleAS Forms Services, the temporary file will be written by default to the directory specified for the TMP variable in:
If this directory does not exist, has insufficient space or has restricted read / write privileges the FRM-41838 error can occur.
Solution A:
1. Edit the Forms Listener Servlet env file. This will be the file referenced by the formsweb.cfg applet parameter envFile. By default, envFile = default.env, default.env is located in $ORACLE_HOME/forms90/server or in $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server
2. Add the line e.g.
(assuming that the directory specified e.g. /tmp has sufficient space and read/write privileges)
3. Stop and restart the OC4J_BI_Forms component for the change to take effect
Solution B:
Change the value for the TMP variable setting in opmn.xml by following all the steps below:

1. Edit $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml where $ORACLE_HOME corresponds to the Oracle Application Server middle tier home (BI & Forms)

2. Look for the line e.g. on Unix

3. Check that the directory specified exists, has sufficient space and read/write privileges. If necessary, change the TMP value e.g.

4. If the directory has been changed in opmn.xml, stop and restart all the middle tier components for the change to take effect.

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