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Note: All the posts are based on practical approach avoiding lengthy theory. All have been tested on some development servers. Please don’t test any post on production servers until you are sure.


Installing Oracle 11g RAC on Windows 2008
Installing 11gR2 RAC on Linux
Installing 11gR2 RAC on Solaris
Installing 12c RAC on Linux 
Building DR site (RAC 11gR2) using EMC's SRDF/A (Windows 2008R2) 
Install Oracle Database 11gR2 on Solaris 10
Installing/configuring DG4MSQL on 11g RAC
Single Client Access Name (SCAN)
CRSCTL Utility/Other Commands Reference (11g)
The clock on host is not synchronous with the mean cluster time (RAC 11g)
Health Check - RAC/DB
Log Files in RAC Environment
Applying Patch 6 on RAC 11gR2 ( 
cluvfy Healthcheck 
Clusterware resource ora.cvu
Restoring OCR and Vote (11gR2 Linux)
Configuring Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server (11gR2)
Configuring ACFS (Standalone Server) 11gR2
Using OCLUMON to analyze Cluster Health
12c: Zero App downtime using EBR
12c: Managing PDBs
12c: ORA-65114: space usage in container is too high
12c: Network Data Encryption and Integrity
12c: Transparent Sensitive Data Protection
12c: Data Redaction
12c: Using Transparent Data Encryption
12c: Using In-Memory Column Store
12c: Monitor SGA Memory on PDB
12c: Enterprise Manager Database Express
12c: SYSBACKUP, SYSDG and SYSKM Administrative Users
Raw Device Setup for ASM
Avoiding Logon Storm (DoS) on Oracle Database
Configuring Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP)
Configuring Resource Manager for Multiple Workloads
Resource Manager and Instance Caging
12c: Database Resident Connection Pooling
Disable Oracle's password expiry (11g)
Oracle Hints
Using and Disabling the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) with Oracle Net for 11g
Access Control List for External Network Services (11g)
How To Create a Connection With SQL Server In SQL*DEVELOPER
RMAN backup fails with Ora-00245 And Rman-08132
Enable block change tracking in oracle 11g
Enabling Archive Log mode in RAC (11gR2)
How to Restrict User from Connecting to Database Through Specific IP Address
ORA-00304: requested INSTANCE_NUMBER is busy
Adding service to single instance database 
Kill The Running Job in Oracle 
Resetting unrecoverable_time in v$datafile
Client Side Oracle Wallet
Proxy Authentication (Oracle DB)
Oracle TimesTen - Intro
Installing TimesTen 11gR2 - Windows
Fact Sheet: Hekaton - TimesTen
Big Data/NoSQL
Oracle Data Guard Configuration (DGMGRL) (11gR2 Windows 2008R2) 
Configuring Oracle 11gR2 Data Guard - Physical Standby (without DG Broker)
Converting a Failed Primary Into a Standby Database Using Flashback Database
Setting up active dataguard - Oracle 11g
Snapshot Standby Database - 11gR2
Setting up Data Guard 11gR2 (RAC to RAC)