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Note: All the posts are based on practical approach avoiding lengthy theory. All have been tested on some development servers. Please don’t test any post on production servers until you are sure.

Data Science/Big Data/Misc

Data Science/Big Data
Big Data - The Bigger Picture
Hadoop Ecosystem - Quick Introduction
Setting up single node Apache Hadoop Cluster 2.7.3 on RHEL 7.3
Setting up multi node Apache Hadoop Cluster 2.7.3 on RHEL 7.3
Setting up Hadoop Edge/Gateway Node (Hadoop Client)
Hadoop Administration: Accessing HDFS (File system & Shell Commands)
Hive Installation and Configuration
Hive for Oracle Developers and DBAs - Part  I
Hive for Oracle Developers and DBAs - Part II
Hive for Oracle Developers and DBAs - Part III
Using Hadoop Compression
Connect Oracle SQL Developer to Hive
Creating External Table for HDFS using Oracle Connector for Hadoop (OSCH)
Apache PIG - a Short Tutorial
Installing/Configuring and Working on Apache Sqoop
Hive Streaming
Recover the deleted file/folder in HDFS
Hadoop DFSAdmin Commands
Managing HDFS Quotas
Working with PrestoDB Connectors
Building Teradata Presto Cluster
Streaming Twitter Data using Apache Flume
Streaming Twitter Data by Flume using Cloudera Twitter Source
Diagnostics: Fix Under replicated blocks [Ambari Dashboard]
Forward syslog to flume with rsyslog
Installing/Configuring and working with Apache Kafka
Working with Apache Spark SQL
Installing/Configuring Hortonworks Data Platform [HDP]
Hortonworks - Using HDP Spark SQL
Working with Apache Cassandra (RHEL 7)
Analyzing/Parsing syslogs using Hive and Presto
Working with Talend for Big Data (TOSBD)
Working with HBase on HDP
Using Apache Phoenix on HDP
Using HDP Zeppelin
Diagnostics: Hive CLI is hanging On HDP
Query Teradata Presto from Oracle using ODBC Heterogeneous Gateway [RHEL 7]
Configure Hortonworks Hive ODBC Driver for Oracle HS
Configuring NFS Gateway for HDFS [HDP]
Creating Oracle External Table (12c) on HDFS using HDP NFS Gateway
Offload Oracle Data to HDFS using RO Tablespaces
Optimizing NFS Performance [HDP NFS]
Partitioning Oracle (12c) External Table [Over HDFS]
Using Preprocessor with External Table [Over HDFS]
Processing Twitter (JSON) Data in Oracle (12c External Table)
Using Microsoft PolyBase to query Big Data
How to merge multiple part files (ORC) in Hadoop created by PolyBase?
Custom Merge Utility for Flume Generated Files
Working with Apache Avro to manage Big Data Files
Using Avro with Hive and Presto
Integrating Hadoop Cluster with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Spooling Files to HBase using Flume
Configuring ACLs on HDFS
HDFS Centralized Cache Management
Working with Elasticsearch
Integrating Hadoop and Elasticsearch
Configuring Logstash with Elasticsearch
Miscellaneous Topics
Oracle Database Firewall
Exadata Database Machine - Intro
Business Intellegence/DW - Inroduction
Configuring Ignite for Oracle Connections
Install SQL Server 2017 on Linux [RHEL]
Linux: Setting up an NFS share
Configure Rsyslog with Any Log File
Linux: yum server configurations and oracle rpms installation--