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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Configuring Ignite for Oracle Connections

For Ignite to connect to Oracle databases that are specified by a name (tnsnames or LDAP), the following Oracle Network configuration (.ora)  files are required
    tnsnames.ora (required for name TNSName resolution)
    ldap.ora (required for LDAP name resolution)
    sqlnet.ora (optional)

The files must be created in or copied to the following location:


The files may be added and modified while the Ignite server is running.  The new properties will be used on any subsequent connection attempts.

Changing the location of files
Ignite does support changing the location of these files to a directory external to the Ignite install. To prescribe an alternative directory, set the system property [com.confio.ignite.oracleConfigurationDirectory] in


to the path of the desired file directory
eg; com.confio.ignite.oracleConfigurationDirectory=C:/app/Inam/product/11.2.0/client_1/network/admin/.
This directory must exist and be accessible by the Ignite server process. The Ignite server must be  restarted for this change to be recognized.   Directories must be delimited with /.

Note: you will have the IgnitePI service in windows services, please restart this service after making the above change

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