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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Log Files in RAC Environment

The Cluster Ready Services Daemon (crsd) Log Files

Log files for the CRSD process (crsd) can be found in the following directories:
the crsd.log file is archived every 10MB as crsd.101, crsd.102 ...

Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) Log Files

The Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) records log information in the following location:

Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS) Log Files

You can find CSS information that the OCSSD generates in log files in the following locations:
OCSSD responsible for inter node health monitoring and instance endpoint recovery.
It runs as oracle user.  
The cssd.log file is archived every 20MB as cssd.101, cssd.102....

Event Manager (EVM) Log Files

Event Manager (EVM) information generated by evmd is recorded in log files in the following locations:

RACG Log Files

The Oracle RAC high availability trace files are located in the following two locations:
Core files are in the sub-directories of the log directories. Each RACG executable has a sub-directory assigned exclusively for that executable. The name of the RACG executable sub-directory is the same as the name of the executable.

VIP Log Files

You can find VIP related log files under following location :

OCR logs
OCR logs (ocrdump, ocrconfig, ocrcheck) log files are stored in $ORA_CRS_HOME/log//client/ directory.

srvctl logs are stored in two locations, $ORA_CRS_HOME/log//client/ and in $ORACLE_HOME/log//client/ directories.

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