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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Installing TimesTen 11gR2 - Windows

On UNIX, you can install multiple instances of TimesTen. On Windows, you can
install only one instance of any major TimesTen release where a major release is indicated by the first three parts of the release number, such as 11.2.2. For example, you can install both and on the same Windows computer, but you cannot install both and

It can be installed onto local, private disk storage,  installing a single copy of the TimesTen software onto a shared storage location and then sharing this copy among several computers is not a supported configuration.
Instance naming
The instance name is the key used to access all necessary information about that particular installation of TimesTen. On Windows, the TimesTen installation scripts do not prompt you to supply an instance name. The instance name on Windows is tt1122_32 on 32-bit systems and tt1122_64 on 64-bit systems.

Windows requirements
The TimesTen debug libraries depend on Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, or 2010. If you intend to use the debug libraries, ensure that one of these versions is installed. Debug libraries are used particularly during the development phase to allow you to debug problems that may occur. By default, the debug libraries are not installed. You have to run the installer as  local Administrator.
Installing TimesTen
1- Download the appropriate TimesTen ZIP file for the current release.
2- Extract the contents of the file.
3- Run the setup.exe executable, In Windows 7, you must right-click setup.exe and select "Run
as administrator" from the resulting dropdown list

Follow the installation screens. 




TimesTen Release (64 bit NT) (tt1122_64:53396) 2012-10-30T06:32:14Z
  Instance admin: Inam
  Instance home directory: C:\TimesTen\TT1122~1\
  Group owner: HOME\Domain Users
  Daemon home directory: C:\TimesTen\TT1122~1\srv\info
  PL/SQL enabled.

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