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Monday, December 06, 2010


when Accessing Reports Server, but it is up and Ready per Trace Files 
Trying to access the Reports Server gives following error:
     REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server failed
This error is given when you try to access Reports Server using getserverinfo or showjobs.  For example:

Also, running the command " -findAll" gives error:
     REP-50503 No server found in the network
However, in the Reports Server trace files (for example D:\Oracle10GASSuite\reports\logs\rep_dev), it shows that the Reports Server is actually up and running.  There are no errors in the trace files. 
This is a firewall permissions problem. 
It is not a problem with the Reports Server, as the server traces show it is up and running.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Open the port on the firewall to allow the Reports Server to be accessible.
a) Run command: -findAll
b) From output, check what value is used for Channel port. For example:
Broadcast mechanism used to locate servers
Channel address = ###.###.###.###
Channel port = 14021
c) Open the channel port on the firewall, in this case, it is port 14021.
2. In the firewall, authorize requests from your host's IP address to ###.###.###.### (the channel address shown above).
Note:   If the above still does not work, then you may try adding the name of the machine where Reports Server is and the IP for that machine to the hosts file (/etc/hosts or C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts). For example:

Ref:  415407.1

1 comment:

Backpackers said...

thanks for the solution. I also face the same problem after installing windows 2003 server. could you pl let me know how to do the following points which you have mentioned

01) Open the port on the firewall to allow the reports server to be accessible.

How do i do this? sorry , I am new to oracle and hence asking some basic doubts.

02) open the channel port on the firewall and authorise requests from your hosts ip address to the channel address.

I am not quite sure of doing this also.

If you could explain a bit in detail it would be of great help since i am struck with this problem for a long time.

thanks in advace