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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Start Oracle Clusterware 10gR2 Services Manually in Windows

Oracle Clusterware services in a Windows RAC environment should be allowed to start automatically, ideally, with the help of the Oracle Process Manager Service (OPMD).
  OPMD is installed automatically in versions If it is not installed already then do the following on the concerned node's command prompt.
opmd.exe -install

Following is an outline of how to start Oracle Clusterware services manually if it should become necessary to do so.
1- Try starting crs with "crsctl start crs" command from $CRS_HOME\bin directory
    2.  Start the following services from Windows 'Services' or by using the Windows command 'net start at the
        command prompt:
            a.  If OPMD is present, then start it:  Oracle Process Manager Service.  In addition to OPMD, start the
                OracleClusterVolumeService if you are using Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS) in your environment.

             b. If OPMD is not present then start the following services in the order provided:
                    OracleClusterVolumeService (if using OCFS)

To stop these services, the same instructions can be followed in reverse.

The reverse command for 'crsctl start crs' is 'crsctl stop crs.' 

However, it is advised that when stopping CRS the resources managed by the OCR are safely brought down before stopping the underlying clusterware services. 

Note that issuing 'crsctl stop crs' without first issuing 'srvctl stop nodeapps -n ' command will cause the ons.exe to continue running and so the ons.exe must be stopped from task manager before clusterware services are considered completely down. 

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