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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ORA-02114 - Undocumented error

One of the developer on client side got the error, ORA-02114.

after research I found below.

ora-2114 error is not documented anywhere that can be found. Looked in manuals
including the language ones and oerr on 7.1.3 and 7.0.16. The error is
described as follows (in Techrep and bug#199380.):
ORA-2114 Attempting to close an already closed cursor..

Message 2114 is documented in the Oracle7 Server Messages and Codes Manual,
page 4-54, where it appears as SQL-2114.

Error:  SQL 2114 
Text:   Invalid SQL Cursor usage: trying to close a closed cursor 
Cause:  You tried to CLOSE a never OPENed or already CLOSEd cursor or you 
        misspelled the cursor name. Only a currently open cursor can be CLOSEd.
Action: Check your spelling of the cursor name and check that the cursor is 
        open before you try to CLOSE it

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