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Saturday, November 10, 2012

11gR2 on Linux: Preparing second VM

Main Post: Installing 11gR2 RAC on Linux 

After fulfilling all the pre-reqs now we will shutdown the node1 (RAC1) and make its clone for Node2 (RAC2)

Clone the Virtual Machine
Shut down the RAC1 virtual machine using the following command.

[root@rac1 ~]# shutdown -h now
Copy RAC1 folder containing RAC1 Vertual Machine on Same Place and rename it to RAC2

Edit the contents of the "D:\Virtual Machines\RAC2\RAC1.vmx" file, making the following change.

displayName = "RAC2"

Add New Virtual Machine using VMware Infrastructure web access

Start the RAC2 virtual machine by clicking the "Play" button on the toolbar. Select the "I _copied it" option click the "OK" button when prompted.

Ignore any errors during the server startup. We are expecting the networking components to fail at this point.
Log in to the RAC2 virtual machine as the root user and start the "Network Configuration" tool (System > Administration > Network).
Change IP address and delete .bak entries (created automatically) 

Edit the "/home/oracle/.bash_profile" file on the RAC2 node to correct the ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOSTNAME values.
ORACLE_HOSTNAME=rac2.localdomain; export ORACLE_HOSTNAME
Also, amend the ORACLE_SID setting in the "/home/oracle/db_env" and "/home/oracle/grid_env" files.

Start the RAC1 virtual machine and restart the RAC2 virtual machine. When both nodes have started, check they can both ping all the public and private IP addresses using the following commands.
ping -c 3 rac1
ping -c 3 rac1-priv
ping -c 3 rac2
ping -c 3 rac2-priv
At this point the virtual IP addresses defined in the "/etc/hosts" file will not work, so don't bother testing them.

The virtual machine setup is now complete.

Some related screeen shots:

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