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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Create and configure a listener

The listener forwards client requests to supported services. These services can be configured statically in the listener.ora file or they can be dynamically registered with the listener. This dynamic registration feature is called service registration. The registration is performed by the PMON process.

Below sample listener.ora file. The LISTENER entry defines the listening protocol address for a listener named LISTENER, and the SID_LIST_LISTENER entry provides information about the external services statically supported by the listener LISTENER.
(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=ipc)(KEY=extproc) (queuesize=50))))

  •  If you expect the listener to handle large volumes of concurrent connection requests, then you can specify a listener queue size for its TCP/IP or IPC listening endpoints.
Configuring Static Service Information
The listener uses the dynamic service information about the database and instance before using statically configured information in the listener.ora file. Configuration of static service information is necessary if you require remote database startup from a tool other than Oracle Enterprise Manager, or you have Oracle Database releases earlier than Oracle8i.

The following example shows an excerpt of a listener.ora file statically configured for a database service called
Password for listener
You can use the Listener Control utility (lsnrctl) or Oracle Enterprise Manager to configure or change the Oracle Net Listener password.
■ To set a new encrypted password using lsnrctl, do the following:
Password: password
The command completed successfully
■ To change an encrypted password using lsnrctl, do the following:
Old password: old_password
New password: new_secure_password
Reenter new password: new_secure_password
Connecting to
Password changed for LISTENER
The command completed successfully
Connecting to
Saved LISTENER configuration parameters.
Listener Parameter File /oracle/network/admin/listener.ora
Old Parameter File /oracle/network/admin/listener.bak
The command completed successfully

Managing Oracle Net Services
Using Oracle Enterprise Manager to Configure Oracle Net Services

Easy Connect
SQL> connect LSMITH@""
Enter password:
Related Topic:
Using Connection Manager
Resetting Listener Log without stopping Database

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